Monday, November 29, 2010

hi! today i got up at 7am. gareth went to work and dropped me off at his mom's house. i went back to sleep. hahaha. i'm sitting with his brother Canice watching FRIENDS. apparently they're taking it off the air here.. they usually have actual channels devoted to only showing friends all day every day. we watched that new movie with colin farrell last night.. HORRIBLE. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!!! love u all! see yaaaa

Sunday, November 28, 2010

At the wedding!

After the ceremony

View from my room!

Our house! I call it The Fanny
Sup! I just got back from the wedding! It was SO MUCH FUN!!! It's about 1 pm here. There is snow everywhere, the roads have been really bad but are ok now. I am sooo cold.. I just told Gareth that I don't think I've been warm once since I got here hahaha. The wedding went like this: First we went to the church and had the ceremony, it was really serious and religious and I guess it was a mass. So that was a new experience! The ceremony was pretty long, with people reading things (Gareth did too) and there was a communion part too. At one point we had to shake everyone's hands around us in the pews for good luck!! I was seriously confused, they all knew what was going on but I just kept thinking it's going to take forever to shake EVERYONE's hands. It was funny though. It was all nice, everyone was really happy. In Ireland the girls wear like prom dresses to weddings. The women were REALLY fancy! There were a lot of crazy hairstyles and feathers. Anyway, after that, we all got in a big line to congratulate the bride and groom, to hug them and tell them to be happy etc. When we got there, the bride (who I've met before) said that she was telling people that I came all the way over from America to come to her wedding! haha. After that, we drove to the reception, about an hour away in a really cool hotel. It was really antique and cozy. So we sat around having drinks for a while, then the dining room opened and we kept drinking in there while waiting for the food. I got chicken wrapped in bacon, with vegetables and a roasted potato, mashed potatoes, and looottttsssss of gravy!! yum. Then after that were speeches.. UGH. they took forever. The first speaker was this old spacey priest, he told these jokes that were kind of racy which was good. then he started singing some song.. I guess that doesn't usually happen!! haha it was so awkward, everyone was laughing at him. He may have been drunk. After the food, we waited for them to clear everything out for the dancing. We went back in and the dance floor was set up with a band playing Irish songs. I am not kidding.. as soon as they started, EVERYONE GOT ON THE DANCE FLOOR. People were jiving like CRAZY! I took a video of it, its just a lot of fast spin dancing, so hilarious. I mastered it by the end of the night! They had all these funny tradition dances (kind of like how the electric slide is always busted out in America). After the traditional dancing was over, at around 11 or 12 the "disco" started.. that's when Gareth and I went crazy. We became dancing fools, every song was a really popular oldie, the first one was Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight. We had soo much fun! THEN they had a buffet for everyone in the middle of the dance! It was sweet. Perfect for all the drunkies. After that we all danced till about 2am, then people left or went to bed in the hotel. SO. MUCH. FUN. Definitely best wedding I've ever been to!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

HI! So far I've been learning more about Irish culture. Gareth told me that at work all the guys talk about "tits and fannies." I always thought a fanny meant a butt, but no. If you're wearing a fanny pack in Ireland, you're actually referring to wearing a female-lady-part pack. I'm sure you'll enjoy that Dad. So today we have a wedding to go to!!! pretty excited. I'm living in a sweet little house (lots of spiders though.. AND FRUIT FLIES.. probably a blizzard in the freezer or something since Gareth's involved..) I have pictures of it but i havent been able to be online for very long, i only have internet at gareth's house and i have been visiting mostly. im sorry i haven't called yet MOM, im hearing your complaints from all the way over here! (jennifer emailed me haha) i'll call as soon as i have a chance. so i forgot to say that i almost missed my flight in atlanta.. i sat down and listened to some old man playing piano outside my gate and then heard my name being called... oops. love you all!

OH- AND I PASSED MATH! WITH A C+!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'M HERE! It's 8:45 and I'm sitting in Gareth's kitchen wit his brothers. So far all I've done is sleep and eat, i got sooo sick on the plane and didn't feel good at all! It was surely the gross plane food. ANYWAY, Happy Thanksgiving all! More tomorrow.. I'm tired!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WELL, i'm currently for the first time experiencing plane internet!!!! I wanted to make a snakes on a plane joke but i couldn't think of one. Anyway, I had a little trouble getting through security in Cbus.. I'm dumb and put shampoo and perfume in my carry on which could have been bomb materials or who knows what. So they took me aside and tried to make me pay 50 bucks to check that stuff! I sweet talked the man at the desk into letting me go find my already checked bag downstairs in the baggage claim, and they let me put my stuff in there and just check it in again! ahh a little flirting goes a long way. So now I'm looking out at blue skies and huge clouds under me. LATER DUDES
Well.. I'm taking off at 2:56! I'm soo ready to see Gareth but NOT ready to fly for 10 hours. I hate it. I'm really freaked out I won't make my connecting flight in Atlanta but there's nothing I can do about it now. I have an hour and twenty minutes (if my first flight is on time) to get to my gate on the busiest travel day of the year. UGHHHHHH! Maybe I'll see the Real Housewives of Atlanta while I'm there.. that would make up for it

Friday, November 19, 2010