Saturday, November 27, 2010

HI! So far I've been learning more about Irish culture. Gareth told me that at work all the guys talk about "tits and fannies." I always thought a fanny meant a butt, but no. If you're wearing a fanny pack in Ireland, you're actually referring to wearing a female-lady-part pack. I'm sure you'll enjoy that Dad. So today we have a wedding to go to!!! pretty excited. I'm living in a sweet little house (lots of spiders though.. AND FRUIT FLIES.. probably a blizzard in the freezer or something since Gareth's involved..) I have pictures of it but i havent been able to be online for very long, i only have internet at gareth's house and i have been visiting mostly. im sorry i haven't called yet MOM, im hearing your complaints from all the way over here! (jennifer emailed me haha) i'll call as soon as i have a chance. so i forgot to say that i almost missed my flight in atlanta.. i sat down and listened to some old man playing piano outside my gate and then heard my name being called... oops. love you all!

OH- AND I PASSED MATH! WITH A C+!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. way to go in math. I'm glad you are feeling better. Have fun at the wedding. How has the weather been? Still windy and cold here. have a good day. Love, Dad

  2. Woot...Woot on the math exam. Way to go, Shanelle. Have a wonderful time at the wedding. Put on your dancing shoes. Take lots of pictures. Love you. Gma