Monday, November 29, 2010

hi! today i got up at 7am. gareth went to work and dropped me off at his mom's house. i went back to sleep. hahaha. i'm sitting with his brother Canice watching FRIENDS. apparently they're taking it off the air here.. they usually have actual channels devoted to only showing friends all day every day. we watched that new movie with colin farrell last night.. HORRIBLE. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!!! love u all! see yaaaa


  1. That's nice you are spending time at Gareth's Mothers house. Your Dad, Curtis, Tom and Alex stayed all night by the pond and are hunting today. I saw 3 big doe's walking across the top of the hill about 8:50 a.m. They were headed West away from the guys. Our house looks all "Christmasy" inside and out. If you think of some things for your list email me. Maybe Gareth's Mother can teach you how to cook some good ole Irish dishes. Have fun. Love you. Gma

  2. Hi Shanelle. This morning it is snowing a little bit. The ground is to warm to let it accumulate. Vehicles have some snow on them. Brady and Curtis put up our Christmas Tree last night, while we slept. We were suprised when we got up! Have a good day. Love, Dad