Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hi! It's Wednesday. I've almost been here a week now. I'm still not used to the cold, thats for sure. I am NOT a fan of radiators, they do not work. my little space heater works better than they do. i finally got my money exchanged yesterday. 600$ to 370 pounds. and the girl working was a friend of Gareth's cousin Andrea that took me, so she gave me an extra 20 and it was still only 370! ugh. at least i'll have my credit card if i need it. hahaha. but anyway, it's still SO snowy here, no one plows the roads and the roads just stay bad. i guess i never fully appreciated ohio's efficient road clearing. yesterday Andrea took me shopping and into the town. we had fun. she's really nice. sorry i didn't get back to anyone yesterday! we were shopping for a long time. some people over here have died recently because of carbon monoxide poisoning. they light fires in their chimneys and there have been bird nests in there that block the smoke. i guess that's never happened here before. all the stores are out of carbon monoxide detectors. so check your chimneys before you light a christmas fire!! tonight we are going to go see the play Grease! Canice, Gareth's little brother, and Andrea are in it. Canice is Eugene. I'm going to dress up. Gareth's mom says my clothes are beautiful. I just want to blend in with all the other girls here ha ha. well tomorrow i'm going to be sitting around the house again. i can't wait for friday, gareth only works until 3 and then he's off the whole next week. i get to go to his graduation ceremony from college! I'm excited. he's not. Grandma, i have been meaning to thank you for the peach rings.. gareth can't stop eating them until he's sick. he has three left and it hit him that they will soon all be gone, so he's rationing them. don't know what else to write now, so i'm going to go. love u all! -Shanelle Lynne Lewis

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  1. Sounds like you're going to have a fun evening. We had a dusting of snow this morning. It's really cold here. It's 3 pm and it's only 30 right now with a little breeze. Have a great time tonight. Tell Gareth hi.