Friday, December 10, 2010

hey everybody! we just got back from belfast a little while ago. we have been travelling EVERYWHERE!! i feel like a gypsy (there are tons of them here.. they even have a gypsy king and they all marry their first cousins...) but today was gareth's graduation from queens university in belfast. we left here early and got there a little late.. he was the last one inside, and as soon as we sat down it started! they almost didn't let us in hahaha. afterwards we went to lunch, i had a turkey and ham dinner on top of potatoes, potatoes, and more potatoes. all covered in gravy! yummmmm. we went to the huge mall there, victorias square.. it is COOL. so many stores. but we've been there a million times before so we just went to a movie. we saw the tourist with angelina jolie and johnny depp.. HORRIBLE! we have not had great luck with movies lately. but anyway, this week has been crazy! we were in gallway which was AMAZING. every bar had live irish music, every street was cobblestones, and we were on the most beautiful coast. there are hundreds upon hundreds of miles of ancient stone walls, still standing. castles, churches, and old houses made of stone, too. i cannot believe the amount of amazing history there is here. all of it is untouched, undisturbed. people really preserve history here. we were leaving gallway and i saw a crumbling building and gareth stopped. no one was there, we were free to just look around. it is just one of many, many ancient beautiful buildings. it turned out to be a monastery. i kept thinking about the people that used to live there and what happened to them. there were a lot of graves. a couple from the 1400s. our country wasn't even around then. haha. before that we were at the cliffs of moher.. WOW. i have never seen anything so huge and so beautiful before. i crawled to the edge and stuck my head over- it was by far the scariest thing i've ever done. there were memorials for all the people that have died there... i made it out alive. i read about how before ww2 people used to hunt seagalls and their eggs on the cliff edges, and would be attatched to a guy at the top with a rope, while he lowered the other guy downwards. HOLY SHITE. anyway, were going back to belfast tomorrow to hang out at the christmas market with some of gareth's old friends and one of ours from otterbein. we will be there until sunday. hope everyone is having a good week :) all the snow is finally melted here and it is green again!! love you all.

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