Wednesday, December 15, 2010

hey! well its wednesday already! ill be back in zanesville in a week. i've been hanging out around the Ward household the last couple of days, just having some quiet alone time. we were on the road all last week and it's nice to just sit around haha. gareth is working every day so he comes home pretty worn out, so we usually just hang out and talk at night which is fun. i keep thinking that even though he is at work most of the day, i would have given ANYTHING to be able to see him for the amount of time i see him every day now when i was in ohio. so i'm very thankful. anyway, not much going on, no new pictures, sorry! but on friday we are going to a local bar with some of his uncles. hahaha. that should be fun. then, i'm not sure what we will do the rest of our last couple days. see ya!!!!!

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