Saturday, December 18, 2010

so it's saturday. getting close to time to leave. we got so much snow yesterday we had to shovel the car out twice. we got stuck. couldn't go back to our house so we stayed at gareth's family home. today we're going shopping in a neighboring town, i'm going to get gareth's mom something. i'm writing her a card too. on thursday i went bowling with andrea. friday we visited gareth's grandpa ward. he was hilarious. reminded me of my grandpa :) he didn't offer me any twizzlers though. just brandy and whiskey. hahaha. anyway, ill see u all soon. unless they don't let me leave because of the snow.... LOVE U GUYS!


  1. Hi,
    I saw on the news that there was a lot of snow! We got a little bit, just a coating. I bet time has flown by for you. It seems like yesterday I took you to the airport. I read that Irish oats are thicker and creamier than our oats because of the way we cut ours in processing. You will have to try a bowl and let me know.
    Today it is cold again. It is sixteen right now. High of 22. Tell Gareth hi and enjoy the last few days together.

  2. dah! so much snow, crazy. we've got a decent amount here too...we should go sledding when you return :) & i hope TSA isn't too handsy with you, ha. my sister is coming home tonight! so excited.

    i bet the ward's are going to miss you too. your entries are so cute, i love reading them. :)

    cant wait to see you! Love you!

  3. Hi Shanelle and Gareth, Yesterday was the Lewis Christmas Party at Jerry's. We boarded the bus at 8am. Got to Jerrys about noon as we stopped in Pickerington and picked up the neices and families. Jerry had the food catered and it was delicious. Had a fun time and it was good to see everyone. Arrived home around midnight.
    The Ward's are going to miss your smiling face and bubbly personality that's for sure. I will be really happy to see your pretty face. I don't know how fast they clear roads in Ireland but I'm hoping it will be pretty clear for you when you and Gareth head to Dublin Airport. I have been reading about the weather in Ireland. The article said this is the coldest weather since they started recording the temperature. Aren't you lucky you witnessed that history making event? Gpa liked the comment about the twizzlers. lol Do we need to go to the Wine Rack for some brandy? Maybe you prefer that instead of twizzlers. lol Stay warm and make the most of your days together. It will be good to see you. Love you. Gma