Friday, December 10, 2010

us in front of queens.

the graduate!


castle at the cliffs

the cliffs of moher!!!!!!

the amazing walls! they go all the way up the mountains. it was their way of separating land instead of hedges. people still use them for cow pastures and stuff

there are lots of swans here.

castle we explored on our way to the cliffs


  1. Congratulations, Gareth! What a great accomplishment. Shanelle, you look like a jean commercial......."Live on the edge in Calvin Klien jeans" lol You're a good photographer. Wonderful pictures. I do enjoy them. Ireland is beautiful. You guys are having way too much fun!!!! LOL Your blog was very informative and I read and re-read it. Love you. Gma

  2. i agree with grams on the jeans commercial, haha.

    congrats, college grad gareth! it's my turn tomorrowww :) yay.

    the pics are splendid! so beautiful. cant wait to see all of them!


  3. Way to go Gareth! I liked your blog the other day, it hardly had any accent. Sounds like you guys are having a great time. Pictures are beautiful. It rained overnight here, so the snow is gone. It is supposed to turn frigid and we are under a winter advisory. Maybe 4" of snow later today! It was nice to see a picture of your family. Now we have faces to go with the names. Have a great day. Love and miss you Shanelle! Dad