Thursday, December 2, 2010

hi! today i went to gareth's aunt and uncle's house to visit while he was at work. aunt fiona (poe) and uncle pete, andrea and dahvaid. it was fun. we just chatted all day. that was all for today, sorry i don't have any pics up, i can't find my camera cord! its around here somewhere...

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  1. That sounds like a fun day. Hope you find your camera cord. I made two aprons today. One for Sharon and one for Sherry. They turned out pretty nice. I hope they like them. It's 7:22 pm and 33 degrees outside. It's a little warmer than last night. We still have a small amount of snow. I saw the doe and her 2 babies today so they have escaped the hunters so far.
    Will be looking for your pictures. Hope you find your camera cord soon. Love you and miss you. Gma