Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sup! I just got back from the wedding! It was SO MUCH FUN!!! It's about 1 pm here. There is snow everywhere, the roads have been really bad but are ok now. I am sooo cold.. I just told Gareth that I don't think I've been warm once since I got here hahaha. The wedding went like this: First we went to the church and had the ceremony, it was really serious and religious and I guess it was a mass. So that was a new experience! The ceremony was pretty long, with people reading things (Gareth did too) and there was a communion part too. At one point we had to shake everyone's hands around us in the pews for good luck!! I was seriously confused, they all knew what was going on but I just kept thinking it's going to take forever to shake EVERYONE's hands. It was funny though. It was all nice, everyone was really happy. In Ireland the girls wear like prom dresses to weddings. The women were REALLY fancy! There were a lot of crazy hairstyles and feathers. Anyway, after that, we all got in a big line to congratulate the bride and groom, to hug them and tell them to be happy etc. When we got there, the bride (who I've met before) said that she was telling people that I came all the way over from America to come to her wedding! haha. After that, we drove to the reception, about an hour away in a really cool hotel. It was really antique and cozy. So we sat around having drinks for a while, then the dining room opened and we kept drinking in there while waiting for the food. I got chicken wrapped in bacon, with vegetables and a roasted potato, mashed potatoes, and looottttsssss of gravy!! yum. Then after that were speeches.. UGH. they took forever. The first speaker was this old spacey priest, he told these jokes that were kind of racy which was good. then he started singing some song.. I guess that doesn't usually happen!! haha it was so awkward, everyone was laughing at him. He may have been drunk. After the food, we waited for them to clear everything out for the dancing. We went back in and the dance floor was set up with a band playing Irish songs. I am not kidding.. as soon as they started, EVERYONE GOT ON THE DANCE FLOOR. People were jiving like CRAZY! I took a video of it, its just a lot of fast spin dancing, so hilarious. I mastered it by the end of the night! They had all these funny tradition dances (kind of like how the electric slide is always busted out in America). After the traditional dancing was over, at around 11 or 12 the "disco" started.. that's when Gareth and I went crazy. We became dancing fools, every song was a really popular oldie, the first one was Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight. We had soo much fun! THEN they had a buffet for everyone in the middle of the dance! It was sweet. Perfect for all the drunkies. After that we all danced till about 2am, then people left or went to bed in the hotel. SO. MUCH. FUN. Definitely best wedding I've ever been to!


  1. Wow! sounds great. Maybe we can talk today?

  2. Well, this is the 5th time I've tried to send a comment today. You'll probably get all 5 at one time out of the blue. lol
    Who is that handsome looking couple?????? You guys look great. Love your dress, Shanelle!
    On one of our many shopping trips we should have invested in some insulated undies. lol Now lets're in Ireland and you have your love .......he's suppose to keep you warm...isn't that how it goes???? haha Enjoy each other. Love you. Gma

  3. you look beautiful in the pictures! (and yes...i have been reading this!) haha